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City Watch was established in 2005 from a number of organisations that provided an element of security within the outer ring road of Leicester.  Operating in this way proved challenging and sometime before 2005, these were brought together under one umbrella to offer a structured and robust service to its customers.  In 2005 City Watch became a LTD company and with more than 120 customers across Leicestershire benefitting from the services that we provide shows the longevity of the business.  To ensure its continuity it was important that the business diversified and looked to other income streams to show a commitment to Leicestershire, to support county employment and to offer great service.

With over 100 years of security experience and compliance with British Standards, the Private Security Act and the Security Industry Authority, we pride ourselves on the level of service that we provide, the people that we employ and the leadership and management that we put into the business to ensure it and your success.

You can expect an unparalleled service from a business that believes in the importance of your business and ensuring that it is in safe hands allowing you to relax a little in that knowledge.

We ensure that our Security Officers are trained in those areas that are your business, that they have the correct skills and knowledge to do their job and a toolbox information to support them. 

"City Watch influences the reduction of crime through proactive preventative measures making your business unattractive to would be offenders, consequently improving your business and the environment around it."

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Citywatch News

Not just a pretty Drone!

Ok, admittedly we fly drones for security purposes however there is so much more that we can do.  With A2 and GVL certification we can

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Citywatch News

Protect your property!

This is a panoramic view from 100 metres showing a wide expanse of land identifying damage, unwanted activity including fly tipping, trespass, theft and other

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Citywatch News

New Website Launched

City Watch is entering a new era with many exciting projects being delivered in 2021.  We are strengthening our business crime arm, where we will

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Security Services

City Watch Stuff!

We have a number of exciting business crime initiatives in 2021 to support our customers and clients as they start to reopen as lockdown restrictions

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