We have seen so many times, the impact that poorly trained employees can have on customers and businesses. This is as usually due to limited time and investment in people that results in limited understanding of their role and responsibilities and inturn has a direct correlation to productivity.

We provide training that is designed to provide those that need it, knowledge to build confidence in roles.

As part of our services, we provide a number of recognised training courses delivered by professional trainers, designed for businesses.

For example, we find that when a Security Officer is licenced, there is little ongoing training after this for working in an front line security role.  The training that comes as part of the SIA licencing process is good, the skills that security officers need to fulfil their role are wider reaching, for example: the effective use of a radio, being able to communicate effectively  and being able to use this to the extent that colleagues are clear on the message.

The ability, skills, knowledge and confidence of people in customer facing front line roles needs to be suitable and appropriate to the job that they are employed to do.

Understanding and being aware of situations that may affect our daily work is of great benefit in those work environments where being ‘switched on’ is what matters.

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