Business Crime Partnership

Our business crime partnership incorporates the means to provide intelligence via an application direct to your phone or tablet. When you sign up, you and a specified number of your team will have access to alerts, news and documents, you will be able to submit a report or add and search for subjects.

We provide the intelligence App across the county, supporting businesses in the city and towns.

In addition to intelligence we provide digital radio communications to businesses that need a little more support that wish to join a network of radio users that can talk to each other and inform each other of potential issues providing peace of mind to your business and employees.

Working with the Business community, Police, Local authorities, BIDs and other Agencies to reduce & prevent criminality and anti-social behaviour

For as little as £1.66 per day you get daily intelligence updates and a digital radio, training, offender awareness for employees tailored to meet your needs.

Access the DISC app to see offenders that could be committing crimes in your store

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